Why join E-SWAN

By joining the association, you will become an actor of the future of the discipline. You will be entitled to participate to the General Assembly, to vote to decide the Association orientations, to present yourself for a mandate, to elect its Executive Board. You will be allowed to create a new Committee devoted to specific tasks.  You will also liaise with all other existing bodies involved in space weather and space climate activities worldwide.

The mission of E-SWAN is to unite, sustain, and develop Space Weather and Space Climate activities in Europe. E-SWAN will immediately be the natural host for the European Space Weather Week Program Committee, for the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate Editorial Committee, and for the Space Weather and Space Climate international Medals committee. It will represent the community at large, including stakeholders, forecasters, scientists, product providers, … Still, E-SWAN is open to members from any country throughout the world, although one needs to work in Europe to belong to the Executive Board.

We therefore look forward to welcome you into E-SWAN. To become a member of E-SWAN you may register on our website for a membership fee.